Aparcat started in 2015 as a web app that would reserve parking spots around the buildings of Dubai, however, in 2017, it was time for them to enter the mobile market, so they reached out to me for their first design.

Their branding also needed a refresh that, together with the launch, would bring new users in a market that is starting to get saturated in the Arabic countries. Together with their technology, though, Aparcat would become #1.


App needs to be usable on the go

App needs some security features

Refresh in the current branding

Benchmark with competitors


Increased number of users

Overall positive app reviews

Mobile apps bring new hardware

Dubai startup award 2017


Aparcat was pitched as an app that needed to be used on the go, as quickly and intuitively as possible for people to just open their phones in the middle of their cities, and find a parking around.

Because of that, big imagery and a huge map welcomes users in the initial screen of the app, which allows them to find their geolocalized spot, select it, order their parking, and go.

In the parking spot, they’ll be able to scan a QR code which will unlock the barriers—but not only that, since they’ll be able to extend their stay at any parking right from the app’s personalized screen. In order to accomplish all that, hardware and software need to collaborate together in the best way possible.


One of the requirements of the app was that Android and iOS needed to share the design, and, because the main interactions would happen on a map and on the go, we decided to use a hamburger menu that would live always on top.

To make it simple and easy for drivers, all the interactions on the map would be swipeable and non obtrusive, that is, parkings would slide from the bottom, and confirmation screens would dismiss automatically after a certain ammount of seconds.

Contextual buttons are always positioned floating at the bottom and with a prominent background color.


Not all parts of the app were thought to be used on the go, and purposefully there were sections that were designed to take time to use and consider, one example is the control center, due to regulations in Dubai, cars needed to be registered and verified. Because of that, a picture of the car is necessary, and choosing your license plate and the city of such license is as well.

Another example is the view in which users can see the size of the parking spot and rent it from there.